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2014 ACM ICPC South Central USA Regional Programming Contest

Report for 2014 South Central USA Regional Programming Contest

This years contest is over and the winner was: Team VC-12 from LeTourneau University. Congratulations to Coach Brent Baas and his team:

This year's contest seems to have gone very well. Most of the team members at LSU stopped to say they enjoyed the contest even if the problem set wasn't enjoyable. We had good food, too much food, and uneventful technology. I have heard from several coaches that attended at other sites and they concurred that things went well and they enjoyed the contest. I believe there was only one major technology glitch and that was quickly corrected.

While many teams at each site were unhappy with the problem set, some said it was better than last year. Since we have a new team of problem setters this year we had a different set of "mistakes" than last year. Most of the new problem setters will return in 2013 and we'll have a steering committee of coaches to go over the problem set several weeks before the contest. Given this we hope that the 2013 problem set will be much better.

All of the coaches that have emailed me about the other sites have said they had a good time and happy with the things were run. Those are about the best compliments any site director could wish to hear. Thanks to our to excellent sites and their personnel for an excellent contest there.

I enjoyed visiting with the coaches at LSU this year although I didn't get to do as much visiting as I'm used to. After talking with them we have come up with some ideas to help new coaches out and to make the South Central USA a more cohesive region.